Three Steps to 3X your Franchise Sales Pipeline

Franchise brands are always looking for creative new ways to reach potential franchisees and investors. Some of the prospect profiles include the “frustrated with having a boss”, the “converted mom & pop business owner” and the infamous “buying my kid a job” scenarios.

While all of these have merits, the best ROI comes from prospects who are existing franchisees of non-competing brands. Not only has another brand done the qualification work for you, but it makes the legal, training, and other processes go smoother because you’re already “talking the same language.”

Next question – how can one find these existing franchisees and market to them in a targeted and efficient manner? A suggested 3 Step process might look like this:


Get a big list of current franchisees from non-competing franchise brands in the geographical area you want to target.


Try to connect and message each of them individually on LinkedIn.


Obtain their email address and send a personalized message (not a generic blast) regarding your opportunity.

Here’s the Rub:

  • How do you find these targeted franchise owner lists for Step 1?
  • LinkedIn takes time – searching to narrow, and even if your invite is accepted (around 20-25% of cold invites are) you then have to follow up and message them afterwards to start dialogue.
  • Email addresses of franchisees are not widely available, and they typically don’t have the “corporate” brand domain email pattern (such as

That’s where we can help. Find Global Partners (FGP™) has a carefully curated database of over 60,000 franchise owners (over 30,000 in the US) in more than 100 countries. Over 70% of our database has verified emails, and 96% have LinkedIn profiles.

The best part, our FGP Sales Assistant™ program will do the prospecting work for you! You take a quick 6 question survey then choose your one of our email templates. Using FGP™ data, your email messages will be customized to each prospect and sent for you, while the replies come directly to your inbox.

By focusing on a highly targeted audience of proven and experienced franchisees combined with our in-house E-marketing platform, we hope to help you build your sales pipeline and exceed your 2018 franchise sales and growth goals.