Having Franchise Sales Stress?

A full pipeline of leads feels good. Abundance, options, having real irons on the fire allows you to be:

  • Selective
  • Not dependent
  • Relaxed

As a franchisor or supplier to the franchise industry, you know the market is crowded with new “disruptive” brands, solutions, and startups around every corner.

And it’s getting more crowded and competitive.

This is the real world for 99% of brands and vendors, even established ones. You need to market to grow, and that means lead generation.

Ideally you want it to:

1) be cost effective

2) reach your target audience

3) provide prospects ready and qualified to buy.

Maybe you’re still using stuff from College Marketing 101 that doesn’t really work anymore – mailing brochures, cold calling, buying ads in magazines, trade show booths.

Or the “new stuff” – Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Leads trickle in. Qualified and ready to buy? 99% are tire-kickers, but that’s the game right? You need to be resilient, keep going, and search for needles in the haystack.

But what if 100% of the prospects you marketed to were already in the franchise business? That would mean all your leads are already qualified. Click here to see how it’s done.

Now what if you could narrow even further – like auto, restaurants, or education. Target exactly the type of owners that buy your product/service.

This “ultra-targeted marketing” is the new gold standard. Less effort, more results, best ROI.

OK, but how?

The Answer: Email

Really?? Isn’t buying big B2B lists and sending e-blasts spammy and unprofessional?

It definitely can be, but if you do it right and have an unfair advantage…the ROI can be 10-100X, rivaled only by viral word-of-mouth.

What is this unfair advantage? 

1) In our niche: a scrubbed portfolio of verified franchise owners w/direct contact info.

2) Clean email addresses and LinkedIn profiles that give you instant access.

3) A method to make many introductions in a short amount of time

Here’s the other key that many miss…

4) You must TAILOR your introductory message to the individual prospect! It has to have some piece(s) of information that only someone “in the know” would know. It changes the game when it comes to open rates, engagement and responses.

Check out this 60 second video on how we use this system to instantly introduce you to 1000’s of franchise owners in this manner.

The result?

Your Inbox: full of qualified prospect responses the same day.


The proof? Our customers:

Chuck E Cheese: 39% email open rate, 5 appointments with qualified franchisees set in 1 week

Which Wich: 41% email open rate. 20 unit LOI signed in New Zealand from 1 campaign

Operation Falafel: 42% open rate, 7 appointments set in Netherlands.

We now want to help the franchise supplier community and domestic franchisors get the same or better results as our global franchisor customers. We have validated direct emails and LinkedIn URLs with a proprietary in-house prospecting system that makes the introductions for you.

Want to give it a try or learn more? Just click here.

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